[PATCH] potential array overrun

Steve Grubb sgrubb at redhat.com
Mon Jun 11 14:43:03 CEST 2012


Below is a patch that fixes a theoretical array overrun. I say theoretical
because I don't think there is a signal number high enough to trigger this. But
any ways... the issue is EV_NSIG starts off being 65. Then the array is declared
as   signals [EV_NSIG - 1]; Which means 0-63 would be valid index values. In the
function ev_feed_signal_event() is a check for signum > EV_NSIG...meaning that
if signum is 65, it won't return. This gets decremented to 64 and then used as
an index for a memory write. This is 1 over the top since 63 is the largest
valid index. I doubt this causes any problems, but a patch below should fix the


diff -urp libev-4.11.orig/ev.c libev-4.11/ev.c
--- libev-4.11.orig/ev.c	2012-02-04 14:09:52.000000000 -0500
+++ libev-4.11/ev.c	2012-06-11 07:54:14.719520216 -0400
@@ -1966,7 +1966,7 @@ ev_feed_signal_event (EV_P_ int signum)
   WL w;
-  if (expect_false (signum <= 0 || signum > EV_NSIG))
+  if (expect_false (signum <= 0 || signum >= EV_NSIG))

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