Compatibility with other libraries using epoll

Stephen D. Bowline sbowline at
Tue May 8 23:48:52 CEST 2012

  I've been working with Node.js recently (a user of libev) and am
having problems with my module behaving erratically.  My module uses
boost::asio for some socket IO, and if I'm not mistaken, both libev
and boost::asio use epoll on Linux.

  I've described my problems to both the Node and asio communities
without much luck, so maybe you guys can help.  It occurred to me that
since both Node and asio are using the epoll mechanism that there
could be a fundamental incompatibility and that maybe I should stop
right where I am and not pursue trying to use asio in my Node module.

  Am I wasting my time trying to get asio to work within another
library that is using libev for event handling?

  Some details on my problems can be found here:!topic/nodejs/s2qfNFn5tf0



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