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At 2012-04-19 15:35:46,"Marc Lehmann" <schmorp at schmorp.de> wrote:
>As an additional info-let: current versions of gcc (at least 4.4+) don't
>emit any warnings when compiled with -O2, except in the CVS version, and
>there is a bug open in gcc for that one, as it shouldn't warn.

Sorry, I mean g++ when saying gcc, I am using gcc 4.6.3 20120306 (Red Hat 4.6.3-2) (GCC) on fedora16 X86_64, and using gcc 4.6.x on ubuntu11.10. They both produce "strict-aliasing" warnings when compile c++ code with O2/O3. I installed gcc/g++ from the official fedora/ubuntu software center. It seems that the cast from ev_io* to ev_watcher* when calling ev_io_init cause this warning.
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