Is there any other reason that tcp server can't receive socket client data?

Steem lishaomin at
Wed Mar 21 04:04:03 CET 2012

Dear all,

My test OS version is Linux RH 5.5 enterprise.

Here is some reason that will cause this problem:
1. The process is defunct
2. The process fork a new process which is not attempted  to handle the
socket data. If the child process doesn't close the inherited socket
handle, after the parent process quit and run again, it can't recieve the
socket data

It seems that the problem I met is not caused by the reasons listed above.
No defunct process. All the file handle is closed after fork. Also, the
socket is set with FD_CLOEXEC flag.

When use "netstat -anp" command, the new coming client data is increasing
(RECV-Q is increasing), but the process name is "-", not my program name
and PID. It seems that the socket server port is still being used in the
Linux kernel.

Hope to give me some tips to debug the problem.

Steve Lee
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