Patch for libeio

Pierre-Yves Kerembellec py.kerembellec at
Tue Mar 6 11:40:41 CET 2012

>> - remove trailing commas in enums in eio.h (since C++ does not allow them).
> Hmm, libeio is C, not C++, but even C++ does allow trailing commans in
> enums, see 7.2p1:
>   enum-specifier:
>        enum-head { enumerator-list(opt) }
>        enum-head { enumerator-list , }

But it can be used from C++, right ? You are right for C++0x, but apparently not for the
previous versions.

>> - add an opaque applicative pointer in eio_init, passed to both want_poll_cb and done_poll_cb
>>  callbacks afterwards (this is not to support multiple event loops but to ease C++ integration
>>  when the event loop is not a globally-accessible static symbol but part of an object members
>>  instead).
> Since that's equivalent to using a global variable (or a static
> object member), what would the purpose of the patch be except to add
> overhead? What aspect of C++ integration would become easier?

Indeed, it's to avoid using a static class member (which I do not really fancy personally).
Is this really a big overhead?


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