Timeout event resolution

menezes at multitel.be menezes at multitel.be
Thu Jan 26 22:08:55 CET 2012

Quoting "Brandon Black" <blblack at gmail.com>:

> On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 2:33 PM, <menezes at multitel.be> wrote:
>> [some code]
> The code initially sets "after" to 0.1 and repeat to 0.0, which will
> initially fire the callback after 0.1 seconds.  Inside the callback, you're
> setting a repeat for 1.0 seconds later via "w->repeat = 1." and
> ev_timer_again(), which causes it to continue firing every 1.0 seconds
> afterwards.  Check the docs for ev_timer_init(), etc, if that doesn't make
> sense...
> -- Brandon

Thank you. I didn't see that one :-D
I thought the repeat parameter would be the number of repetitions of  
the timer... nevermind... I reread the doc and it is ok, it's my fault.

Tomorrow I will test on both kernels.

Best Regards,

Nilo Menezes

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