Timeout event resolution

Brandon Black blblack at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 19:47:40 CET 2012

On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 12:17 PM, <menezes at multitel.be> wrote:

> I develop using Linux 2.6.9 libev 4.04. I can't upgrade the kernel
> version, as it is part of a larger system.
> My problem is that I could not set libev to generate 100ms timeouts.
> It generates consistent timeouts around 1s, nothing less than that.
> I tried on another machine with Ubuntu and a 2.6.3x kernel... but I got
> the same results.
> I'm passing the interval as 0.1

The fact that your code isn't getting subsecond timeouts on the Ubuntu
kernel either should rule out a 2.6.9-specific problem.  Perhaps paste your
code?  More likely than not, there's some basic bug in it.
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