Timeout event resolution

menezes at multitel.be menezes at multitel.be
Thu Jan 26 19:17:59 CET 2012


I just started using libev and I liked it very much.
Thank you for all the hard work already done.

So far I had no problems with I/O events, but I could not solve an  
issue with timeouts.

I develop using Linux 2.6.9 libev 4.04. I can't upgrade the kernel  
version, as it is part of a larger system.
My problem is that I could not set libev to generate 100ms timeouts.
It generates consistent timeouts around 1s, nothing less than that.

I tried on another machine with Ubuntu and a 2.6.3x kernel... but I  
got the same results.

I'm passing the interval as 0.1. I read many articles about low clock  
resolution, but most of them say something around 1ms... So my results  
are 1000x worse.

I also tried to write a workaround using timerfd, but it does not  
exist on 2.6.9 :=(

In the libev documentation it is worded: sub-second resolution time. I  
was wondering that 100ms would be possible.

Any ideas? Do I have to compile with special options?

Best Regards,

Nilo Menezes

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