EV fails to install on OS X 10.7

Marc Lehmann schmorp at schmorp.de
Mon Jan 23 15:03:28 CET 2012

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 02:48:40PM +0100, Chris Brody <chris.brody at gmail.com> wrote:
> Shouldn't we perhaps update the makefile to explicitly set the
> compiler variable ("CC") to gcc, especially in case of OSX?

Well, EV doesn't require gcc in any way, all it needs is a working C
compiler (And POSIX and...), which apple in their overwhelming care
removed from OS X, or made hard to use, or I don't know, and it's clearly
not my job to know.

It's also a moving target - I have reports of people who say gcc isn't
installed anymore, and reports where it is called gcc-4.6 or something else,
not just gcc and so on.

And apparently, cpan-testers have no problems getting it compiled in
an automated way. Even the orignal poster in this thread links to the
solution of some problem, and he didn't even try to solve it himself.

Most importantly, though, EV is not the problem here, it's the software
delivered by apple, and alternatives are readily available.

The way to fix this mess it to make apple fix this mess. But because
everybody knows that apple gives a shit about their users, the burden is
put on us, who provide free software, for cheap.

Now, I'd be happy to take care of everybodies problem if I get paid for
that, then I can buy os x 10.7, install the newest xcode etc.

Right now, I wouldn't even know how to work around their compiler, some
bugs can be worked around by using different constructs, some can't, some
depend on the version etc.

Note also that the problem the original reporter has is not the same as
reported by the "poor cpanratings" revierwers he refers to (which seem
to be pissed of by my autoresponder mostly, not realising that it's an
automatically-generated response :).

So really, why do people complain about high quality software they get for
free? I'd say if they have a platform problem they need to report it, send
a patch, try to debug it, fix it, analyse it etc., or take a big cup of
shut the fuck up.

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