EV fails to install on OS X 10.7

Marc Lehmann schmorp at schmorp.de
Mon Jan 23 14:44:26 CET 2012

On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 01:59:14PM -0000, Kulin Remailer <remailer at reece.net.au> wrote:
> Installing EV using cpanm on OS X 10.7 with Perl 5.14.2 fails. Installing manually
> produces following error:

I tested EV before release and it seems to compile fine, but I cannot test
on os x 10.7.

Are you sure you used gcc and not the broken llvm-gcc or clang? gcc is
explicitly supported with memory fences.  Maybe you need to upgrade your
version of gcc to a newer version? If yes, I'd like to hear about it (and
which gcc version that is).

It ismuch more liekly that apple has yet again broken their xcode than to
assume EV has an issue there.

> Is Mac OS X unsupported? Searching this mailing list, I have seen several

Mac OS X is supported to the extent possible, because it is so broken. EV
compiles and uses select because of kernel bugs, that's the suport you get
at the moment, and there is nothing EV can do to improve that.

> comments that imply you don't want to support it.

Right, but I do for myself.

Hwowever, apple changed the default compiler to another free but non-c
compiler recently, which is not supported at all, and veeery buggy.

gcc is supported on your platform and should compile it. If not, I'd indeed
like to hear about it.

> poor ratings on cpanratings saying EV has not been installable via CPAN
> on Mac for quite a while.

Well, those ratings are a lot of bullshit obviously, let's look at the


The current release is quite new, and has 5 PASSes for darwin and no

The previous version more than 30 PASSes (I stopped counting at 30) and
one FAIL on darwin which is caused by a compiler bug (and wasn't with
apple's perl but a custom compiled one).

> If it's unsupported, could you please add something in the Pod so people
> don't have to waste their time.

Does apple support xcode? Why don't you go to complain to them that they
don't have a working C compiler anymore? Or do they support C programs on
os x?

Unlike me, you actually have paid them money right? Why not go to them?

People like you, with demands like these, are the reason I care less and
less for os x users.

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