libev callback mechanism

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Fri Dec 9 14:54:25 CET 2011


I have had a good experience with libev (and its documentation) so far with 
respect using libev to handle the async functions of Redis (a key-value+ 
store). Is there documentation about how callbacks "work"? That is the 
mechanism used to transfer control to the callback function and back to the 
process' thread of control. Maybe I just answered this myself as libev 
requires explicit loop calls -- either the process is controlled by an 
ev_loop or it is controlled explicitly by the process (i.e. no current 
ev_loops running).

My main reason for this question is if I produce an object in one 
process/thread and consume it in that same process/thread via a callback do 
I need to lock that object?

I really enjoy using libraries that work and have excellent documentation.


Jeff Van Voorst

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