libecb patch: fix compile warnings on gcc-llvm 4.2.1 (OS X 10.6 with Xcode 4)

Hongli Lai hongli at
Fri Dec 9 08:43:44 CET 2011

Here's a new patch should be less invasive than the last one. The new
approach is as follows:
- Introduced an ECB_REAL_GCC macro which tells us whether the GCC is
the real one or another implementation just claiming to be GCC.
llvm-gcc is not considered to be real.
- Introduced an ECB_APPLE_LLVM_GCC macro which tells us whether this
is Apple's llvm-gcc as shipped with OS X.
- Introduced an ECB_ADVERTISED_GCC_VERSION macro which is like
ECB_GCC_VERSION, but does not blacklist non-real GCC compilers.
- Various features such as __inline__ and __attribute__ support are
explicitly whitelisted, e.g. like this: ECB_APPLE_LLVM_GCC &&
- The entire memory barrier section has been moved to the bottom so
that I can mark ecb_mf_lock with ecb_unused.

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