xxx_poll callbacks and multiple event loops

Paddy Byers paddy.byers at
Tue Nov 8 21:22:37 CET 2011


You should definitely consider using the MMU also - using separate
> processes allows you to use (usually) faster global variables without
> having to use pointer indirection (and/or slow tls variables) for every
> access, and the MMU in your cpu will do the job at no extra cost: the MMU
> overhead is there in any case, but for multi-core systems, you can take
> advantage of having more registers available, which is very important on
> x86, but also on less register-starved machines such as amd64.

Yes, I understand, but this particular platform (Android) doesn't give me
control over that; I have to work within the process created for me. The
architecture relies on every process being forked from a specific process
at a specific point.

I agree about avoiding tls (although an mmu ought be be able to optimise
that as well, but it seems to be done much less effectively than global
variables on many platforms).

Thanks - Paddy
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