[eio] Fix memory leak in eio__scandir()

Ben Noordhuis info at bnoordhuis.nl
Mon Sep 12 17:28:36 CEST 2011

eio__scandir() leaks memory when opendir() returns NULL. It sets
req->result == -1 but doesn't free the memory it allocates.

Attached are two patches (different takes, same solution) that fix
that: one tries to be brief, the other minimally intrusive. The brief
one has a return statement in the middle of the function. Not all
people like that, hence the two takes. Pick the one you like best.

Apropos, two things I noticed about eio__scandir() is that it:

1. doesn't set req->errorno when opendir() fails (both patches fix that), and

2. uses readdir(), which is not guaranteed to be thread-safe. glibc
wraps it in a mutex and I think sunos's libc does so too but
readdir_r() is what should be used, really.
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