send/write event question

Geoff Meyers gmeyers at
Mon Aug 29 13:55:01 CEST 2011

On 08/29/2011 07:47 AM, Nulik Nol wrote:
> EV_WRITE flag? Then , how would libev know that my application wants
> to write ? Lets suppose my (client) application has connected to a
> server and the socket became writeable. Well, it is fine, but I don't
> want to write anything at this time. But at some time, I will have to
> write some message to the server, then, how should i implement this so
> my write callback would be called when the application wants to write
> and the socket is writeable ?
libev has no idea when you want to write... Only when the socket is 
writable.  If you don't want to write at that particular point you can 
simply ev_io_stop() and then re-register via ev_io_start() once you've 
determined you have something that needs to go out.

geoff meyers

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