libev-4.03 has just been released

Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Tue Jan 11 14:50:33 CET 2011

I am pleased to announce libev 4.03.


The release highlights are: 

- a lot of workarounds for solaris kernel bugs (or the truly bizarre interface...)
- epoll workarounds for /dev/urandom, /dev/zero etc.
- ev_io now supports files in every backend.

The complete Changes are:

4.03 Tue Jan 11 14:37:25 CET 2011
        - officially support polling files with all backends.
        - support files, /dev/zero etc. the same way as select in the epoll
          backend, by generating events on our own.
        - ports backend: work around solaris bug 6874410 and many related ones
          (EINTR, maybe more), with no performance loss (note that the solaris
          bug report is actually wrong, reality is far more bizarre and broken
          than that).
        - define EV_READ/EV_WRITE as macros in event.h, as some programs use
          #ifdef to test for them.
        - new (experimental) function: ev_feed_signal.
        - new (to become default) EVFLAG_NOSIGMASK flag.
        - new EVBACKEND_MASK symbol.
        - updated COMMON IDIOMS SECTION.


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