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Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Tue Jan 11 04:14:30 CET 2011

Charles Kerr is now being moderated.

I originally didn't want to reply, but his public denunciation of me is
simply not acceptable.

First, he claims he is not aware of any misquoting:

On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 07:36:06AM -0600, Charles Kerr <charles at> wrote:
> However I strongly disagree that I've "put words into the  mouths of
> other people" or that I "implicated [Marc] to have said or done things
> [Marc] didn't do." I took pains to use direct quotes and am not aware
> of any misquoting.

This he claims despite a) being TOLD where he misquoted me TWICE and b)
after being challenged to actually show the source of his quotes, which he
couldn't do of course (because he made them up!):

   Oh come on... "A is faster than B" is *clearly* not the same as "No
   practical difference between A and B."

That "No practical difference" is a direct misquoting of what I *actually*
said ("there is little (practical) difference..."), and he used it to
ridicule other (Hong Lai) people on this list:

   Saying they're equivalent just because they're both true doesn't even
   pass the laugh test. :)

The only person who made this claim of potential equivalence is actually
Charles Kerr. A typical strawman.

Later he continues:

   It's simply self-evident that "faster" is not equivalent to "no
   practical difference."

Taking something I said out of context, changing it and putting it into
quotes AS IF quoting it is *extremely* dishonest when you are aware of it,
which he is, because he was told so multiple times, but keeps repeating it
isn't so.

> Nevertheless, as I said before this is all just postscript to answer
> Marc's claims that I was deceptive or put words in his mouth.

He could have showed me where the quote source is, but instead he chose
to throw more mud, by falsely stating I claimed he was deceptive, which I
didn't do of course.

This is what prompted me to block his posts unless they are
productive. This is not a forum to throw mud at people, and people, with
made-up claims. He has been given multiple chances of correcting (or at
least stopping) his misquoting and false implications, but obviously he
knows no shame or end.

Making honest mistakes is fine, but continuing after being corrected
repeatedly, and then adding more lies on top, is just not acceptable here,
sorry Charles, troll somewhere else.

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