libev Digest, Vol 38, Issue 12

Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Tue Dec 28 19:21:26 CET 2010

On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 05:26:36PM -0600, Charles Kerr <charles at> wrote:
> > So, while I will surely update the benchmark document at some point, it's
> > a lot of work, and will unlikely bring any new insights.
> I don't understand how that statement is consistent with the April

So what am I supposed to do about that? If you can't understand that's
primarily a personal issue on your side. If something is explained badly,
you could ask instead of making up statements that the document is

I don't see how it is inconsistent - there was always little practical
difference in performance with those libraries, especially when applied
to that benchmark. Neither the document nor me mention any practical

Interpreting benchmark results is notoriously difficult. To be honest,
it seems to me as if you tried to use the benchmark results to prove
something that the results don't show, and now you want to push this in
some way, or make my words mean something that they don't really say.

What both benchmarks show is that libev is faster even with emulation,
and if you investigate the reasons for this, you can see that this is
inevitable (the benchmark document tries to explain this in detail - have
you actually read it?).

> benchmarks.  If libevent has narrowed the gap as you've said, then
> it's misleading to keep the older benchmarks on libev's webpage.

Could you honestly admit what your actual agenda is?

I invested a lot of time into documenting facts as they are and have
taken great care to avoid anything that could be misleading. There is
nothing misleading in that document whatsoever - I even went as far as
including version numbers, exact dates, compiler verison and flags and so
on. Claiming that it is misleading is dishonest, and makes me wonder what
your real intentions are.

Please provide the parts of that document which are misleading, and
explain why they are misleading.

If you cannot, please take back your claim that the benchmark is

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