State of IOCP work

Bert Belder H.Belder at student.TUDelft.NL
Thu Dec 9 12:37:48 CET 2010

> I looked into this before: WSAEventSelect doesn't support writable
> "events", which is the primary show-stopper for this solution.

I don't quite understand that, unless you're meaning that FD_WRITE is
In that case, wouldn't it be possible to mark sockets that have
writability signaled 'writable' and using a zero-timeout select() call
to determine if those sockets are still writable just before invoking
the next wait?

> > What would it take, if ever, for you to accept a patch for this?
> The existance of a working patch (or better: separate backend)?

A separate backend would be my preference as well.

> The requirement would simply be that it works with the same types of
> handles as before (minus the internal signal pipe), and implements the
> event model to the application.

What do you mean by 'the POSIX event model'?

- Bert

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