State of IOCP work

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Mon Nov 29 04:01:29 CET 2010

Hi all,
   I'm looking at libev in the context of node.js for Windows.  While I 
can find a number of references in the archives to why this isn't going 
to happen, I notice the source-code has recently started to make some 
concessions towards this goal - eg, the use of EV_USE_IOCP in ev.c. 
This file also conditionally #includes ev_iocp.c, but I can't see this 
file in the source repo.

Which leads to my 2 questions:

* What is that state of the code wrapped around EV_USE_IOCP?  Is it 
abandonded, experimental, progressing slowly etc?

* Assuming it is not dead, is it possible to obtain ev_iocp.c for 
educational purposes?  It would be nice to see the direction it is 
taking so informed decisions can be made about how node.js might support 
async IO on Windows (and might even lead to contributions on this effort ;)



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