Libev vs. libevent benchmark (reloaded)

Gabriel Kerneis kerneis at
Tue Apr 13 15:26:19 CEST 2010


On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 05:10:29PM +0200, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> If you ran the code unmodified, how did you do that? :)

See the attached script.  You might need to tweak it a bit (especially
the cpufreq-set call) but otherwise, it automates completely the
benchmark (provided you have the expected tools installed).

Please, double-check my patching of runbench just in case.

> Now, since libevent does an enourmous number of pointer operations,
> mutex ops, syscalls etc. per watcher setup in 2.0, I find this a bit
> questionable (but it's possible).

The results are available here:

libevent2 is very fast, but still beaten when timeouts are involved.

Gabriel Kerneis
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