[PATCH 2] fix broken strict aliasing

common at gmx.ch common at gmx.ch
Wed Feb 24 17:39:41 CET 2010


Marc Lehmann wrote:
> If you are unclear on what aliasing itself means, I can write a short
> paragraph to explain...
> (the iso c documents ae not that hard to read, though, imho, with the
> exception of structure member aliasing).

I've had the same discussion before, but just pulled my claim as Marc 
was involved in gcc development, and I did not feel I could make a point.

I've had the same problems, -Wall -Werror, as I consider the compiler my 
friend and if he wants to tell me something it usually pays of when I'm 
listening to him.

But, I totally understand if Marc says "it is not a libev bug", and 
rejects to add casts to proper code - to fix compiler misbehavior.

Therefore I'd be glad to get more information on the topic.
Thanks for the offer.


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