Signal problem

Tim McClarren tim at
Thu Jan 7 19:13:42 CET 2010

I currently have a pretty simple single-threaded code base.  I'm using
libev with a variety of watchers -- several io watchers, a few asyncs,
and a few periodics.  I am also using signal watchers.

SEGV does not get handled in a way that I would expect, so I wrote a 
little test for it.

I'm probably missing something obvious, or doing something wrong.

I only want to catch SEGV to produce some debug output, and yes, I 
understand that I may be dealing with heap corruption, etc.

I can revert to using sigaction directly, I guess.

#include <ev.h>
#include <stdio.h>

void catchf(struct ev_loop* loop, ev_signal* w, int r) {
     ev_unloop(ev_default_loop(0), EVUNLOOP_ALL);
     printf("caught SEGV\n");


int main(int argc, char** argv) {
     ev_signal catcher;
     ev_signal_init(&catcher, catchf, SIGSEGV);
     ev_signal_start(ev_default_loop(0), &catcher);

     int* f = (int*)0x0;
     *f = 9;

     ev_loop(ev_default_loop(0), 0);
     printf("loop exited\n");
     return 0;

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