compiling EV: problem with win 64 and/or latest cl.exe version?

James Mansion james at
Wed Oct 14 21:13:28 CEST 2009

Marc Lehmann wrote:
> However, from your comment about gcc and c++, it seems you are confused
No, I'm not. Look how much software gets delivered in libraries in a 
Windows release. Look how
many iterations of the Visual tools (and SDK compilers, and Intelc 
ompilers) can be installed and
link against them. You're living a fantasy if you think the Windows C 
ABI changes much - even
to the extent that versions of compiled MFC DLLs survive plenty of revs.

That's not to say that there isn't some issue here on Win64 with these 
versions of the compiler,
but so far you're just waving your usual anti-MS bull around. Again. I 
really think you need
to provide better evidence than that your software might not work with 
the new compiler, there's
a number of possible explanations, and an ABI cockup is just one of 
them. Not least when the
ABI might be defined in terms of a non-C calling convention and may 
require explicit alignment
and padding selections.

I really think you need to find out exactly what has gone wrong before 
pointing a finger.

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