libev-3.7 has just been released

Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Fri Jul 17 16:56:09 CEST 2009

I am pleased to announce libev 3.7.

The biggest bugfix is that ev_unloop errnornously used a global variable, a
vestige of pre-multiplicity times.

A relatively large number of new features and functions have been added,
most notably a way to release access to loop data structures while ev_loop
is blocking, making it easier to use an event loop from multiple threads
(before one needed to wait util the loop is woken up, e.g. by ev_async,
now one only needs to add the watcher and wake the loop up).

The complete changes are:

3.7  Fri Jul 17 16:36:32 CEST 2009
        - ev_unloop and ev_loop wrongly used a global variable to exit loops,
          instead of using a per-loop variable (bug caught by accident...).
        - the ev_set_io_collect_interval interpretation has changed.
        - add new functionality: ev_set_userdata, ev_userdata,
          ev_set_invoke_pending_cb, ev_set_loop_release_cb,
          ev_invoke_pending, ev_pending_count, together with a long example
          about thread locking.
        - add ev_timer_remaining (as requested by Denis F. Latypoff).
        - add ev_loop_depth.
        - calling ev_unloop in fork/prepare watchers will no longer poll
          for new events.
        - Denis F. Latypoff corrected many typos in example code snippets.
        - honor autoconf detection of EV_USE_CLOCK_SYSCALL, also double-
          check that the syscall number is available before trying to
          use it (reported by ry at tinyclouds).
        - use GetSystemTimeAsFileTime instead of _timeb on windows, for
          slightly higher accuracy.
        - properly declare ev_loop_verify and ev_now_update even when
        - do not compile in any priority code when EV_MAXPRI == EV_MINPRI.
        - support EV_MINIMAL==2 for a reduced API.
        - actually 0-initialise struct sigaction when installing signals.
        - add section on hibernate and stopped processes to ev_timer docs.


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