[patch] event_loopbreak()

Antony Dovgal tony at daylessday.org
Tue Jul 7 09:11:18 CEST 2009

On 07.07.2009 05:28, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> Your patch, howver, implements ev_unloop in a different way, so it seems
> superfluous.
> Assuming your patch is flawed and your intention was to implement the
> function as dcoumented by libevent, I am still reluctant to slow down one
> of the central inner loops, and libev seems to be strong enough nowadays
> as to not require full libevent api support anymore, so, what's a use case
> for this, I cannot imagine any?

Well, I can certainly imagine applications trying to switch from libevent to libev 
and stumbling upon this incompatibility. This is how I found it, in fact.

> (I assume the patch is a proof-of-concept patch, if I were to accept
> the feature, it would need documenttaion, proper formatting, and the
> MULTIPLICITY changes need to be removed - but I still need a good reason
> for this functionality).

The reason is to have support of event_base_loopbreak() in addition to other event_base_*() functions.
If you think it can be done with ev_unloop() - even better, and I'm ready to re-write the patch using that function.

Antony Dovgal
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