Can I use ev_loop only for read ?

Terry Xiang xqterry at
Sun Mar 15 05:56:30 CET 2009


2009/3/14 Marc Lehmann schmorp at

> I guess the reason you never got a reply to this is thta nobody understood
> what you mean. If you wnat only one callback invocation, you cna use a
> single
> watcher with both EV_READ and WRITE.

Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I knew my english was bad but it's worse than
I thought.

> If you want to read and write from a fd conmcurrently, you ineed need two
> threads, but most likely, that's not the best solution.

  Oh, I thought reading and writing simultaneously on a full duplex socket
could get better performance. Could you give me any tip of the good
solution? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

> > On 2009-3-8, at PM9:20, Ryan Dahl wrote:
> also, quoting all mails you received is a great waste of our time - we
> already have those mails, and looking through them to see that you did not
> reply to it takes time.

I am sorry for that.
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