Can I use ev_loop only for read ?

xiang qian xqterry at
Sun Mar 8 13:13:51 CET 2009

I am working for an packet forwarding tool. It opens 2 fds, reads data  
from one and sends to another.
It was implemented with single thread and uses only default ev_loop  
and I will write a multi-threaded version.

If I create 2 threads per fd, one for reading and another for writing,
reader threads use libev ev_loop, and put any incoming data into queue  
1st and 2nd,
the writer threads just wait for queues and write data to fds but  
doesn't use ev_loop to get EV_WRITE event,
is there any problem ?

Or should I create ev_loop for each writer thread and use  
ev_async_send to notify writers when queues get data?

Which mode is correct ?

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