periodic 'at'

Garrett Smith g at
Wed Feb 25 03:38:42 CET 2009

I'm trying to sort through the behavior of periodics -- in particular
the regular interval mode and the use of 'at'.

First, I think the documentation is a bit off -- it uses some of the
terms used by timers (after and repeat). Not a biggie. 

The docs seem to imply that the 'at' argument used in ev_periodic_init
can be used to start the periodic at some point in the future: 

  For numerical stability it is preferable that the at value is near
  ev_now () (the current time), but there is no range requirement for
  this value, and in fact is often specified as zero.

Looking in the source, though, it looks like 'at' is a calculated
value that isn't used in the init. The 'at' argument is actually used
for 'offset'. The behavior that I've seen supports the source :)

Should it be possible to provide both 'at' and 'offset'? Without
getting into the manual mode, it would be useful to schedule a
repeating timer to fire at some point in the future.


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