ANN: Rev 0.2.4, a libev-based event framework, now with Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.1 support

Tony Arcieri tony at
Mon Feb 2 03:20:31 CET 2009

Rev is a high performance event library for Ruby, based around the libev C
library.  It's similar to EventMachine, but builds on the Ruby core types
including IO, Socket/TCPSocket and the Ruby OpenSSL library, and exposes an
object-oriented interface to event reception.

Rev also forms the basis of the Revactor actor-based concurrency library for
Ruby 1.9 (see  This release of Rev includes support
for Ruby 1.9.1 and will allow you to continue using Revactor on Ruby 1.9.1.
Also included is support for Ruby 1.8.7.  Support for 1.8.6 is still
included as well.

This release also brings with it initial support for Windows, contributed by
Roger Pack.  There isn't presently a gem available for Windows but we hope
to have one soon.

Also included is an upgrade to the latest version of libev, version 3.52.

You can grab this release from:

Or "gem install rev" as soon as the gem has propagated to all of the

Additional information about Rev is available at:

Tony Arcieri
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