Detect when a file has been recreated using a stat watcher

Graham Leggett minfrin at
Wed Dec 24 11:40:46 CET 2008

Marc Lehmann wrote:

> I don't know, it depends entirely on how you define "logfile rotation",
> which probably relies on whatever program does the actual rotation.

As in the file gets deleted and/or truncated, and the event driven 
application watching the file gets notified by some mechanism that this 
has happened.

> We were talking about timestamp resolution, and what to do about it. And this
> is cetrainly being explained in the docs.

Er, no, I think you have misunderstood my question.

I am not talking at all about timestamp resolution, a concept which you 
are 100% correct is adequately explained in the docs.

What I am talking about is the detection of when a logfile is 
moved/deleted/truncated and a new logfile is started from scratch.

 From my event driven app, I need to detect when this has occurred, and 
close and reopen the logfile in question. (tail -F, in other words)

> I don't think so - but it all depends on how you define it. Note that the
> only sure way of detecting logfile rotation in the general case is to let the
> program that rotates the log tell you. Eberything else is just heuristics.


Both inotify and kqueue can (apparently) detect file deletion/renaming 
events, although it seems that libev does not (yet) expose these events 
via any API as yet.

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