Infinite loop with stat watcher and inotify

Graham Leggett minfrin at
Mon Dec 22 19:14:46 CET 2008

Marc Lehmann wrote:

>> I have been testing my libev application under RHEL5 instead of MacOSX,  
>> and I have discovered an infinite loop that develops within libev that  
>> causes the app to hang (and spin).
> Hi, sorry for the delay, I only today found time to investigate this.
> While I couldn't reproduce the issue myself, I did find a major bug
> when there was a hash collision.
> Can you check whether:
> fixes your particular issue?

At the time, the problem was occurring on v3.49 of libev on Linux, 
although I have not been able to recreate the problem in the last week 
or so.

The first version of the application that uses libev is being rolled out 
into the first machines this week, and the production people have been 
asked to look out for this problem. If it happens again, I will dig further.

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