How do I cancel a timer?

James Mansion james at
Fri Dec 19 07:12:51 CET 2008

ryah dahl wrote:
> The mistake checking you want could be added with very much overhead
That's not necessarily true.  Just have a signal byte at a known offset 
and require it to be 0 to
do the initialisation, and the initialisationn will change the signal. 
This is low overhead on
users and runtime - but it IS an API change.  To say its not possible in 
general is wrong, though.

And, to be honest, having an *optional*check that looks in memory and 
says 'if it looks initialised,
then it IS in itialised' and accepts a probabilistic false positive, is 
also cheap and unlikely
to be a problem in reality while catching a class of bug.  (Though, you 
might want to increase
the size of the structure slightly to have a magic flag  - 64 bits or so 


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