libev-3.49 has just been released

Roger Pack rogerpack2005 at
Wed Nov 19 13:49:12 CET 2008

Thanks for doing that.
I would also note that [after switching the link order to be -lws2_32
-lmsvcrt-ruby-190 [i.e. making ws2_32 come first] the bindings for rev
and mingw work splendidly with the latest version of ruby {1.9}].
Increasing FD_SETSIZE past the [msvcrt6] limit of 512 also seemed to
overcome the difficulty of having sockets that weren't fitting into a
Thanks for your help.

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 3:34 AM, Marc Lehmann <schmorp at> wrote:
> I am pleased to announce libev 3.49.

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