libev and DUMA

Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Wed Jun 18 02:43:36 CEST 2008

On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 09:24:45AM -0700, Michael Leib <michael.leib at> wrote:
> Has anyone ever used libev along with the D.U.M.A. -s
> Detect Unintended Memory Access (
> lib? This is a requirement for what I am working on and libev is just hanging on the ev_io_init macro when used along
> with DUMA. Wihout it, everything is cool.

If it works without it, you should probably contact the makers of that
software, I am sure that hanging is not what is supposed to happen.

it could be a bug in libev, but i am sure even if it is, then duma should
make sure libev crashes (that is what it claims) and not hang.

but most likely, it's a problem in duma itself, or somewhere else.

it's kind of interesting, as the ev_io_init macro doesn't do all that much.
if it is hanging, a backtrace might be useful.

if you include any header files from duma, maybe they interfere with ev.h in
some way. if you are using the intel c compiler, look no further, it doesn't
have a working preprocessor, which causes a lot of problems.

it could also conceivably be a bug in your code itself, although it would
probably involve catching SEGV and doing really werid things :)

and last not least, maybe it's not really hanging in ev_io_init and your
interpretation of the gdb(?) backtrace(?) is flawed(?).

> Just wonderring if anyone else had this combo working together and, if so, was there something that had to be changed
> in oder for it to do so. Currently, I'm stumped.

last I looked, libev works fine with libefence (of which duma suppsedly
is a descendant), and I wouldn't expect there to be anything special to
be done to be able to use it (libev doesn't play any dirty tricks and is
not supposed to contain any code that could rightly or wrongly trigger a
problem with something like duma).

so by all means, use duma on it and investigate any issues - you will find
a real bug in libev OR a real bug in duma, a 100% win-win solution :->

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