Error when configuring libeio

Paul Colomiets pc at
Mon Jun 9 19:21:54 CEST 2008

Marc Lehmann wrote:
> You need an install (and working!) libtool, automake and autoconf to
> configure the CVS tree.
I've reinstalled them with no success. Versions:

automake-1.10.1-2  autoconf-2.62-1  libtool-2.2.4-1

They are core packages from Arch. So I guess they should work.
I'm also able to build libev with them (after running aclocal)

Still same:

[pc at pc libeio-build]$ ./
libtoolize: Consider adding `AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR([m4])' to and
libtoolize: rerunning libtoolize, to keep the correct libtool macros 
libtoolize: Consider adding `-I m4' to ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS in
[pc at pc libeio-build]$ ./configure
configure: error: cannot find install-sh or in "." "./.." 

P.S.: There are no Is it OK? (I'm actually not familiar 
with automake and co.)


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