Binding Libev with Digitalmars' D on windows

Chris Hulbert chris.hulbert at
Fri Jun 6 08:10:45 CEST 2008

After much mucking around, i've finally gotten Libev, D, and Windows
to all play nicely (in other words, compile and runs and serves a
simple webpage successfully).

I'm using the D bindings from here:;a=blob;f=ev/d.d;h=f12a4acdad2f8adf6fa5a524935b84c51c589cc5;hb=HEAD

Thanks for the help here with getting libev to compile, and for help
figuring out the difference between socket handles and file
descriptors on win32.

If anyone's interested, some details are here, and i'd be interested
to hear comments on how i've structured the code:


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