Libev on windows, binding to the D language

James Mansion james at
Wed Jun 4 00:21:29 CEST 2008

Marc Lehmann wrote:
> - get rid of silly, idiotic, and threatening disclaimers.
Good grief.  Get a life, Marc. Anyone coding in a professional capacity in a
medium or large business is liable to have absolutely no say in whether such
disclaimers get added.  In some cases its effectively a regulatory 

Its hardly condusive to helping libev users if they can't post here to get
support without forwarding stuff home and then posting from home (I've had
to do that, but I'd rather not hang out anywhere someone takes that sort of

> - take responsibility - if you send a virus, you clearly are responsible
>   for that.
If you send it, maybe.  If it arrives with a virus in, that's something 
else again.
There's no guarantee that plain mail arrives as sent.

The reality is that most people who know enough to even consider using
something like libev probably know that, but that doesn't mean that its not
worth pointing out to everone else.

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