Libev on windows, binding to the D language

Hulbert Chris CHulbert at
Mon Jun 2 05:57:57 CEST 2008

> Hi all,
> I'm having a couple of dramas getting libev 3.41 to run on windows xp
> using the DMC compiler (digital mars).
> I've created a file, 'myev.c', like so:
> #define EV_USE_SELECT 1
> #define EV_SELECT_IS_WINSOCKET 1   /* forces EV_SELECT_USE_FD_SET, too
> */
> #define EV_STANDALONE 1
> #define EV_STAT_ENABLE 0
> #define NBBY    8
> #define NFDBITS (sizeof(long) * NBBY)
> #include "ev.c"
> I compile it with this command:
> \dm\bin\dmc myev.c -c
> I then compile it with some D bindings, but I won't include that here
> for the sake of keeping this post short.
> When it runs, I get the following error:
> Assertion failure: '("libev only supports socket fds in this
> configuration", ioctlsocket (anfd->handle, FIONREAD, &argp)
>  == 0)' on line 710 in file 'ev.c'
> Can anyone suggest where I'm going wrong - are my #define statements
> wrong in the myev.c ?
> Cheers
> Chris Hulbert

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