rev 0.2.2 released

Tony Arcieri tony at
Sun Jun 1 05:08:22 CEST 2008

I'm pleased to announce the release of Rev 0.2.2, an event library for Ruby
which combines the high performance event monitoring of libev with I/O and
networking done with Ruby's own native IO objects and sockets.

This release incorporates the the latest libev release, 3.41, which has its
own fair share of performance improvements and bugfixes.  Rev 0.2.2 also
brings with it bugfixes, including correcting a data corruption bug in the
buffering code, and also further relaxing the HTTP parser to handle more
types of HTTP responses.

Rev is available as a gem and can be installed with: gem install rev

If you're having trouble getting the latest version, it can be downloaded
directly at:


Tony Arcieri
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