libev-3.41 has just been released

Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Fri May 23 18:51:48 CEST 2008

I am pleased to announce libev 3.41.


There have been a great number of changes, fixes and enhancements, here are
the highlights:

- libev works around an so-far undocumented windows select bug (if
  fd_sets are provided but contain no fds, select fails with EINVAL).
- error reporting on windows should now output less "Unknown errors"
  due to socket error codes being distinct to the C runtime error codes.
- a number of timer issues that could cause unwanted behaviour
  with very low interval settings have been resolved: numerical
  stability of repeating timers has been improved under such conditions.
- there are two heap implementations now: a fast and cache-efficient one
  that uses more memory and the slower traditional 2-heap one. the new
  4-heap is the default.
- libev can now check most of its internal data structures for consistency
  and abort if corruption is found. by default one has to invoke this
  check manually, but libev can be configured to do it once per
  iteration or at almost every procedure entry/exit.
  This has been useful to detect a lot of minor issues and bugs
  that none of the unit tests detected.


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