libev-3.33 release candidate

Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Sun May 18 12:36:23 CEST 2008


since no new bugs have been reported for a while and it seems to work for my
programs, I plan to do a 3.33 release soon.

It would be nice if some of you could try it out as if it were the real
release, I do not expect any changes (that are not to the documentation),
but then, I made last-minute mistakes in the past...

The candidate can be found here: libev-3.33.tar.gz

There have been no bugfixes known to cause actual problems, but the heap
is now a 4-heap by default, and the heap index is cached within the heap
array, both of which make it much more cache-friendly.

(and the implementations differ between EV_MINIMAL and !EV_MINIMAL, so if
somebody uses EV_MINIMAL that would also be helpful).

Thanks, I expect a release in a few days.

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