libeio status

Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Sat May 17 14:46:49 CEST 2008

I have added some extremely preliminary documentation, a license (same
terms as libev) and, more importantly, a small test program that shows how
the library can be used:

cvs access etc. is described here:

I foolishly started to refactor the libeio code into a generic thread pool
and eio parts, and right now, its a bit in unfinished state.

The demo works, and the IO::AIO module seems to work as well. Main issues
I have with the current code is quality (the code is a bit of a mess,
being half-refactored), and all the changes could result in locking
errors, portability problems and other issues IO::AIO originally didn't

In other words, it's typical bsd code quality: works for me.

I am not sure how much work I can invest over the next weeks into libeio,
but the API should be relatively stable now, there is a configure file
and makefile, code that shows how to use it etc. and modulo any bugs I
introduced, should actually work.

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