announcing libeio development

Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Sat May 10 19:32:54 CEST 2008

said and done, I couldn't reist to try to "out-bundle" the aio code
from IO::AIO.

here is what I came up so far, it does work when embedded into IO::AIO, so
the code is mostly sane.

whats missing is, obviously, documentation, Makefile and general quality

the current api design is similar to what I announced, but it doesn't
support a result pipe (instead, it is completely independent of any event
loop or signalling mechanism. it would be trivial to add a result pipe to

If there is demand, I can refine it further and add some documentation,
maybe even make releases. For this, howver, I would require somebody who
regularly made tests and would use the library (as I currently have no use
for it outside IO::AIO, which makes it hard to test it outside perl).

Comments about API design and requirements would be welcome as well (also
questions - not everything is self-evident).

Integration into libev would probbaly done like this (I am thinking about
changing ev_async, btw., from edge-triggering to level-triggering, similar
to io-events) (pseudo-code):

   ev_async aio;

   static want_poll (void)
     ev_async_send (EV_DEFAULT_UC_ &aio);

   static do_poll (ev_async *w, int)
     if (eio_poll () < 0)
       // not all requests handled, need to call again
       ev_async_send (EV_DEFAULT_UC_ w);

   ev_async_init (&aio, do_poll);
   ev_async_start (EV_DEFAULT_ &aio);

   eio_init (want_poll, 0);

   eio_write (...

   ev_loop (0);

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