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Chris Brody chris.brody at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 00:49:22 CEST 2008

>   I just wanted to announce a new library I created using libev and libcurl.
> It provides 2 interfaces; A C++ interface and a C/Ruby interface for
> dispatching HTTP requests to a background event loop thread.  This could be
> useful for single threaded web applications or desktop applications that
> need to make multiple concurrent HTTP requests.    The project is currently
> hosted here: http://evdispatch.rubyforge.org/
Thanks for sharing the evdispatch project-I only took a quick look
since I do not really program Ruby. I had been hoping that someone
would try to integrate libcurl with libev(ent).

Can you provide some guidance for those who do not program Ruby, i.e.
how to do the same thing in C++?

In addition, I personally like to avoid multi-threading whenever
possible, which is in line with the philosophy of libevent and really
possible with libev as well. Have you considered ways to integrate
reactions to curl responses based on callbacks as well?

> libev has been a real pleasure to work with, the interface has been easy to
> follow and understand.
And easy to embed...

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