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On Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 10:49:51AM -0500, Brandon Black <blblack at> wrote:
> meaningful runtime leakage in practice).  The first is that the signals 
> array isn't ever deallocated.  This fixed it for me locally:

thats not a problem, it does not leak (the signals array cannot be
deallocated for various reasons, but its not per-loop, so no leak).

> Also, the default ev_realloc() does a realloc to zero for allocs of size 
> zero, instead of an actual free(), which results in valgrind reporting a 
> bunch of leaks of size zero at exit.  Glibc's docs say realloc() to zero 

actually, realloc is defined to be free in that case in the C programming
language. this is a known bug in valgrind. you might want to look if somebody
has reported it yet and if not, do so.

> It happens just once, when I start up my default loop.  Usually this 
> indicates a real code bug that should be fixed, although given the deep 
> magic of libev, it wouldn't surprise me terribly if the code was ok and 
> valgrind just can't understand what's going on :)

Hmm, realloc (*, 0) to free memory is usually a code bug? That would
be surprising, realloc was designed to be a full-blwon memory manager
function, and lots of programs use it. If memory is resized and later the
pointer is accessed beyond the reallocated size, that would be a bug, of
course, but that is a bug regardless of how large the size parameter was.

realloc (*, 0) is a bug in the same cases where free(x) would be a bug, and
free does not usually indicate a real code bug.

> I haven't further tracked this down yet, but I will get around to it, 
> just a heads up in case something obvious occurs to someone else.

It is never wrong to report what you see (well, if the reports have a
certain minimum quality, like yours :), even if its not a real issue,
sometimes it should be documented to spare people some work.

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