Announcing Rev 0.2.0: a high performance event library for Ruby, now with 1.8.6 support

Tony Arcieri tony at
Sun Feb 17 22:00:42 CET 2008

Rev is a Ruby library for event-driven network programming built on libev, a
high performance C library incorporating support for a number of
platform-specific event monitoring system calls, including epoll on Linux,
kqueue on OS X/*BSD, and Solaris 10 event ports, as well as support for more
traditional APIs like select() and poll().  However, Rev isn't just an event
API, it includes a complete asynchronous sockets layer for writing network
clients and servers, and even bundles an HTTP client.

Previous releases of Rev targeted the experimental Ruby 1.9 branch only, but
now I'm happy to announce that Rev 0.2.0 incorporates experimental support
for Ruby 1.8.6.  This release also brings SSL support, but unfortunately due
to constraints in the OpenSSL extension it is only supported on Ruby 1.9.

RDoc for Rev, including several code examples, is available at:

Rev itself is available as a gem and can be installed with:

gem install rev


Tony Arcieri
ClickCaster, Inc.
tony at
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