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Mon Jan 28 06:25:14 CET 2008

Hi, I'm working on linux with 8-cores and am trying to decide the best way
to implement multi-threading. I listen on one socket but have many many
The docs suggest one loop per thread. That makes sense, but there are a few
options for how to distribute load between N loops/threads. I'm not sure
which is best.

1. When I get a new incoming connection, I could keep track of which loop
has the fewest connections and assign the connection appropriately. I think
I'd have to use a mutex to lock all access to a loop's watchers.

2. I could use SO_REUSEPORT to have my accept logic operate on every loop.
There'd be no mutexes, but I'd have little control over how connections are
balanced between loops/threads.

3. I could establish a pipe (or socket) between the server loop and all
other loops. When I get an incoming connection, I send a message (say the
peer IP address & socket number) over the pipe to my other loop/thread.
libev will awake and process the incoming connection as if it came directly
to it.

4. Simulate a backlog for each loop - just a list of new connections to
process. On accept, choose a loop, lock a mutex and add a value to the list
of connections to process. On a loop's callback, lock same mutex and check
for new connections to process. Could do this in a timer too instead of at
every callback.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

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