New iteration over the ev++ improvement patch.

Leandro Lucarella llucax at
Fri Jan 25 16:04:24 CET 2008

Marc Lehmann, el 25 de enero a las 15:01 me escribiste:
> > Doing your anonymous struct trick is the same to provide just a ev_loop
> > pointer.
> Can you explain how you would do the same with just an ev_loop pointer
> (i.e. how do you initialise it?)? I don't think it can be done, so I claim
> they are not at all the same.

You can't initialize it with the static anonymous struct either! You have
to provide a function to initialize the loop.

Maybe I'm not understanding what you are proposing. Can you implement it
(I'm sure I wont take you more than 10 minutes) and send me the patch so I
can take a look at exactly what you have in your mind. An example of usage
will be helpful too.

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