New iteration over the ev++ improvement patch.

Leandro Lucarella llucax at
Tue Jan 22 19:55:50 CET 2008

Leandro Lucarella, el 22 de enero a las 15:31 me escribiste:
> Marc Lehmann, el 22 de enero a las 12:40 me escribiste:
> > On Mon, Jan 21, 2008 at 11:25:52PM -0200, Leandro Lucarella <llucax at> wrote:
> > > Well, the compiler complained about changing the meaning of loop in the
> > > context of the watcher's base class, but adding the namespace to the type
> > > when declaring the loop variable did the trick.
> > > 
> > > I'll commit this patch unless you have something against it:
> > >;a=commitdiff;h=a11114f6c6a06077bcd9e208c064ebed9e577f8c
> > > 
> > > (I added operator () as an alias to run ()).
> > 
> > Looks fine, but please do not use EV_THROW for the exception specification
> > (I changed thta in CVS already), but instead use plain throw ().
> > 
> > The main drawback of using exceptions is using stdexcept, not specifying
> > what a function throws.
> Well, I think you did a little more than what I expected. You made
> throwing bad_loop non-conditional. I think it make no sense to keep the
> conditional compilation just to set if std::runtime_error is used or not.
> The main point of the conditional compilation were to avoid the overhead
> of exceptions, not the overhead of an (standard) include.

And I think you introduced 2 bugs:

I commited that patches and this removal of some EV_THROW:;a=commitdiff;h=9f782cc0e58c86d14fd9c1bdc3b8e514769588c5

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